Kavon Valkoris

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A half-elven male of indeterminate years, Kavon looks to be a healthy and vibrant individual who appears to have inherited both the ageless grace of his elven parent and the mercurial nature of his human forebear.

Dark, stormy blue eyes flecked with motes of brilliant, shimmering gold regard the world around him with a leisurely attentiveness, while longish locks of sleek black hair are usually pushed free of his features but otherwise left loose to fall about and land where they may against his head and neck. His face itself possesses an elegant and refined countenance that shows seemingly no signs of wear, and his lips often curve in a faintly-amused smile at some sight, sound, or other sensation near him. When he speaks, his voice is typically soft and deep, and his tone is frequently laced with an undercurrent that alternates between idle mirth and wry wit.

He stands relatively tall amongst his kind, although a casual bent to his posture and a tendency to lean or lounge against nearby objects frequently belie his height. His body is athletic and muscular, possessing an easy strength matched by a preternatural grace that is evident in even the slightest of his movements, and his more deliberate actions all blend and flow together with a seamless ease and fluidity that undoubtedly required countless hours of rigorous training and experience to achieve.

His demeanor is most often relaxed and lackadaisical, and he usually presents himself as a languid layabout of unremarkable ability and aimless purpose, free of concerns save for an easy means by which to acquire coin and an ample stock of alcohol to subsequently spend it on. However, were one to observe him for any length of time, they would notice that the shadows around him appear to behave in an unusual way, almost seeming to move of their own accord on occasion; though a less-suspicious mind might chalk this behavior up to a simple trick of the light, a more discerning gaze would likely be given cause to believe that his talents are not so mundane as he often claims.

In addition, if one ever interacts with him sufficiently about certain subjects or journeys with him through dangerous environments, they might bear witness to a much more alert, focused disposition and an animated fire burning in his eyes that herald the drive and resolve of one who has an affinity and purpose for much more in his existence than simply drink and frivolity. And there does exist one aspect of his life that he exhibits no reticence in speaking openly about; should matters of the heart ever come up, he will make it clear that his has been taken completely by the beautiful pirate known as Elsa.
Player:Rapacious Rapscallion
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human