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Seems to be young female, according to her pointy ears, with elven origin. She is not beautiful in the traditional way, what can catch a look is her rather quirky style. What is interesting is amount of piercings you can see on her.

Her walk is more energetic than elegant, moving usualy at quick pace.

Her complexion is pale, skin is not perfect, a few small scars can be found on her body and she is doing nothing to cover them. Her body is rather slim, with low amount of body fat, only round thing on her body is her bottom, to the point it seems a bit disproportional to the rest of body.

She keeps her hairstyle simple, short  cut, mostly in bright purple color, revealing her whole face. Often wears heavy make-up around her eyes, while her lips are just slightly toned to pink. One of the scars can be found right under her left eye, just a small healed cut that didnt fade out. Her eyes alone
are complex of two colors, golden around her pupils, silver on the outer ring, the two colors bleeding into each other in forms of thin threads in the middle part.

Out of clothing, her favorite seems to be tight fitting net top, revealing her whole upper body, she is showing her whole nipples and piercings in them peeking out of it - as if someone stretched it right at that place.
Round bottom is covered with short wavy skirt, such a great choice for windy days.

Her choice of clothes reveals a lot, but not everything, if you could see her naked,
you would catch more details. Her nipples are quite big and often hard, maybe because they are constantly teased by said top.
Under net panties is hidden a bush of pubes, in the same color as her hair, covers tringle in her crotch and her whole, fairly big, nethers, they alone are heavily pierced, with two lines of rings across whole length.

Her demeanor is laid back, seems to be the kind that wont make fuss about small things, both figuratively and literally. She is honest, can be and is sometimes even cheeky.

There are many more lights than those listed, but either I forgot or didn't find them yet. If you miss something, feel free to ask.

Flirting, teasing
All kinds of sex from all kinds of genders
Tentacles, tails, exotic and animalistic cocks
Multiple penetration in all kinds of holes, bulging as a result
Bondage, roughness during sexual encounters
Being used while getting exactly what she needs and wants (more sex)

Yellow (maybe could work if I was drunk enough)
Orcs, goblins and other rather "disgusting" characters
Hyper-anything (overly grown body parts, as seen on Sinfar mostly 100 times enlarged asses or cocks)

Anything against server rules, death, excessive torture, nonconsensual/rape, scat, slavery, vore, forced changes of both her body and mind, pregnancy/breeding, filth

And for those who scrolled to the end a little bonus:
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf