Perim Blimmeadows

A small, friendly, mischevious halfling. Decent looks, marked by fiery red hair and bright green eyes. A playful smile seems to be always teasing his lips, and who knows what kind of tricks he's pulled?

A new face in Sinifer, Perim wanders about with a gaze of wonder. He's far from home, and has quite never seen a place like this, coming from the slums of Amn. A job gone South, a monkey, and a deal with a Slaadi, he ended up here. Don't ask about the monkey.

Green Light: Almost anything not yellow or red, long as it's IC! Just ask if necessary. First time doing something like this, so just PM me if I goof.

Yellows: Shemales and hermaphrodites

Red Light:  Scat, Rule Violations. Males in ERP (unless something like a threesome).

Very approachable and tell friendly!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Halfling