Name: Kitten (Formerly Rain)
Sex: Female
Orientation: Confused Lesbian
Weight: About 35kg/80lbs
Height: May vary slightly, but always under 1.5 Meters or 5 Feet (go off how she looks)

Description: She feels like a noble paladin, an aura around her ever there marking her purity, However.... In contrast visibly she seems skittish as if something was done to undermine her nature, a bit of fear in her feline eyes. She has some elven features, but has a feline build, her spine overly arched, all too flexible and nimble seeming, with a feline tail, ears and eyes, and who knows what else under the skin. She smells like sweet vanilla if one is very closer, her skin soft and supple to the touch. She wears a slave collar that reads: Mistress Nahash's Pretty Kitty

Magical/Aura detection: A paladin who is being corrupted by supernatural forces; presently weak Chaotic Evil (inclined to do bad things, but hasn't done too many)

Red: Rape, violating server rules, being used as a toilet, or doing the same to others. Making a character that will only be played for a couple hours and then never again, promising the moon in order to do something, only to vanish forever; no long term plans with no intention of playing your character again please (Just talking/adventuring is fine)
Note: The issues with rape are fairly narrow on this character, well drugging someone to lower their inhibitions or giving them 'slave' wine would be horrible IRL, this is fine to do in game, generally the more fantasy it is, the better in regards to dubious consent.

Yellow: Anything extreme IE: amputating limbs with gore filled descriptions (again magical is better). Keeping her from doing things with others especially longterm. (The more a character is on the less this is an issue if you're on all the time then bind her all the time, if you're on once a month, don't do anything to keep her from being free with others)

Green: Violating privacy, teasing, being made to beg, quiet torment, not getting her way, domestic abuse (with some sensible cause), adult situations, groping and fondling (especially without consent), sexual harassment. Corrupting the paladin, convincing her that a terribly naughty thing is the right thing to do. Being heroic around her, having her help fight evils. Extremes of behavior. Rewards and punishment. Romance.

Characters notes: Kitten has changed a lot over time 'what you see is what you get'. The character may seem erratic but she is at least attempted to be played consistently (even regarding the way shes gone a bit insane).
Player:Mistakes were made
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf