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Name: Hyakkimaru
Race: Human (Augmented)
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 121 lbs
Build: Slim
Eye Color: Reddish Brown (Painted)


Physical Description:

  This lithe fellow's dead-looking eyes appear to be well-crafted fakes made of porcelain along with his ears and nose, though they are blended so seamlessly with his skin that it would be impossible to tell without touching them. Upon inspection from a fairly standard speaking distance, it's clear that both his arm and legs are -all- some sort of mixed-medium prosthetics.

  He doesn't react to sound and while he can't see with his prosthetic eyes, he seems only partially blind. At least,  he -appears- to be able to track your movements.

  Dressed in a simple dark kimono and covering his limbs with a layer of linen wrap to insulate them from the elements, Hyakkimaru appears to be a low-born traveler.

Recently, he's appeared to have acquired a shadowy void kitsune's tail that's nearly vantablack; absorbing almost all light that touches it. It appears fairly unnatural; grafted to his tailbone magickally and being draped over his shoulder rather than waving about on it's own behind him.


  Due to having no displayed features to gesture with and never uttering a word if he's capable, it's very difficult to place Hyakkimaru's personality without some sort of magical means to detect emotions or thoughts.

  He seems curious and naive at best, and straight-up disinterested at worst; if you don't display any hostile intent.

Scent: He washes regularly, but more often than not in streams or rivers; given his lack of any unpleasant body odor and the slight scent of rain and trail dust.
  Hyakkimaru registers as True Neutral to alignment detecting abilities/spells, but there are hints of him wavering towards good or evil based on his emotional state. There is a secondary aura flecked with gold just below his ribcage. The large black fox tail has it's own individual void aura as well.

  A deep delve into his aura by a powerful scry would reveal that Hyakkimaru lacks not only his arms and legs, but four of the five major senses, his sense of pain, and his voice.

It appears this state was brought upon him unnaturally through some sort of powerful curse. It possible to combat the effects with magic, but any relief won't last forever.

Powers; Psionic, Magickal, and Otherwise:

Telepathy: He has limited telepathy usable when within 10ft of a target he can see the aura of. He tends to keep it short as he has immense trouble with languages due to being deaf and mute.

Aura Sight: He can 'see' Auras within 100ft. The color is typically white, but varies based on the target's hostile intent, magickal affinity, and planar status. Hostile intent is read as orange, truly evil fiends are read as blood red, and magicks/outsiders are read as a whole gambit of other colors.

Bearer of The Mark: Hyakkimaru's curse makes him an astral beacon to demons, devils, and fiends. The curse promises them power if only they would harm him irreparably or slay him outright.

Foxfire/Void Shadows: Through great effort, Hyakkimaru can channel the powers of the tail he bears to highlight objects, light a small area, or create simple illusory shapes such as words out of heatless blue flames. With a bit less effort, he can channel the power to darken areas, change the shape of shadows, and cloak himself.

Alter Sense: Using his own life force as fuel, Hyakkimaru can channel the tail's shape-shifting abilities to temporarily gain back one of his senses in a limited capacity. Doing this repeatedly in quick succession or for more than a moment will very likely cause him to fall unconscious.

Naughty Stuff:

You'd be hard pressed to be interested in what Hyakkimaru has to offer in the bedroom, let alone draw his interest to you with the senses he has to work with.

Player is tell-friendly but would prefer to have meetings/interactions started or setup in character. More than willing to answer questions however.

Want to bully him? Go ahead. Want to help him? Sure why not. Feel free to try your hardest to bother him if it's what you wish to do.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human