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A handsome, intelligent, rich, strong and confident man could do a lot of good for the world.
He could - but why would he?
Throughout his life, Anthony was primarily interested in his own pleasure. He was extravagantly enlarging his wealth and exploiting other people ruthlessly - not because he had to, but because he could. When his maid, who loved him, became pregnant - he threw her away. For many years, he fucked his best employee's wife, gradually turning her into his mindless bitch, who ended up in the kennel anyway.

Since then, nothing has changed except his place of residence. He came to Sinifer City to increase his power, wealth, and - of course - to look for new victims.  

(targeted primarily to characters that could be under his shoe)

- This is an evil character.
- He doesn't care.
- He's never a nice, friendly guy.
- If you disobey him, he will beat you.
- If you obey him, he may as well beat you just for fun.
- He is sexist.
- He is rich, handsome, strong and clever.
- He considers himself better than others.
- He will humiliate you just to feel the power over you.
- He likes to surround himself with slaves and prostitutes.
- Worship him for your own good.
- He is sadistic, cruel and brutal.
- He could convert you to a bimboficated fuckdoll just to use you as his toy.
- He could enslave you and keep you on a cum diet to make you addicted to him.
- He could take you away from your husband and children to transform you into his sex slave.
- He might as well get you to be his regular cum dumpster or domestic animal.
- Your and your loved ones' lives are less important to him than the moment of his pleasure.
- He will not appreciate your efforts to please him.

No lights at the moment.
I'm tell friendly, feel free to ask.  

More to come.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human