Race: Angel
Visual Age: 30

The first of Tetsara's more noticeable traits would be her golden eyes, their brilliant glow hiding her irises from those without special sight. It seemed just as likely for someone's gaze to fall upon the angel's raven black hair, framing a gorgeous face adorned with markings. Tetsara's clothing styles vary greatly, though she tends to favor form-fitting attire and shoes with high heels. It is entirely possible for the angel to tread on her bare feet instead, with soles that seem to collect very little dirt after a day's walk.

She can be seen wearing a set of black fuzzy cuffs on her left wrist, leaving one cuff open and dangling.

(Don't Do This)
- Rape, corruption
- Sex with animals, monsters, furries
- Ninja-stealth spying
- Interrupting obviously intimate RP with obnoxious behavior
- Bringing my dislikes into context my character has to witness

(Probably Not!)
- Male characters
- Pain for the sake of pain
- Quickies with unknown PCs

(I Like This)
- Lingerie, bikinis, thongs, butts, feet
- Vanilla, cum, condoms, barebacking
- Cute and adorable, pretty ladies
- Good-natured PCs
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human