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Name: Cwn Annwn, Arch-Hellhound
True Name: ________
Race: Hellhound
Gender: Male
Height: 10'6"
Weight: 851 lbs
Build: Bara
Fur Color: Charcoal Black/Crimson
Eye Color: Yellow-Orange


Physical Description:

   Towering before you stands what could be called a 'hellhound lord' or various other titles to depict whatever differentiates the gargantuan humanoid hound from his considerably more feral-looking kin. His body is covered in a short coat of fur that ranges from sooty to blood red; and is interrupted in part by a few wicked-looking spikes as well as a skeletal tail and skull-cap.

   Obvious features aside, the hound is stacked with a bruiser's physique and a little bit of insulating chub that makes him look surprisingly cushy where there's no pointy bits. While he's big all over, betwixt his legs rests a monstrously plump pair of fuzzy nuts and an equally thick, plush sheath; the latter being the primary source of his smokey, musky scent.



   He's notably self-serving and pragmatic, though he works within the rules of his kind and society to get what he wants and is hardly as likely to murder a baby as kiss it's forehead. The hound -usually- enjoys his 'job' acting as a temporary servant for his summoners, but he -loves- when he's allowed to be lazy or wallow in another's comfort.

Scent: The usual smokey smell one would expect of a hellhound is present, detectable from a comfortable speaking distance. If one were to get up close and personal, the smokiness would take a backseat to the hound's thick, heady musk; making him smell like grilled sex.
Divination/Detection: Like most of his kind, he resolutely registers as Lawful Evil. As a hellhound, it's clear he's an outsider from a cosmological hell -somewhere-; though it may not necessarily be the hells local to the Isles.

Powers; Psionic, Magical, and Otherwise:

Fire Breath: Hellhounds are capable of breathing a 10ft cone of fire. They need to wait a few moments before using it again, and targets hit by it can roll reflex to reduce the damage by half. Current DC: 27

Fiery Bite: A hellhound's bites deal extra fire damage as if it were affected by Flame Weapon.

Constant Effects/Auras:

Darkvision 60ft


Naughty Info:

Sexuality: Pansexual
Orientation: Switch

Reds: Scat, Hyper Muscle, Hyper Fat.

Notable Favorites: Anal, Ass-worship, Cock/Ball-worship, rimming, vanilla, musk, and many more.

If you want to summon him, send me a tell! I will do my best to roleplay such if I'm available.

Player is tell-friendly if you wish to ask about lights or potential interactions. However, I greatly appreciate people who are able to weave everything IC.
Player:The Hound of Hell
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc