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This young woman appears to be in her late teens, possibly early twenties, and just slightly above average height. Her build is somewhat exaggerated with large breasts, slim waistline, broad hips, and tight, heart-shaped butt. Her legs are a little on the thicker side, but fit well with her over all proportions, being shapely and sturdy.

Her face is attractive, diamond shaped with large, almond shaped green eyes and naturally dark eyelashes surrounding them; a pair of rectangular glasses sits upon a slender 'ski-slope' nose which sits above soft, plump lips. Dark, silky hair crowns it all, typically pulled back in a ponytail.

Her skin is fair without being unhealthy. Small, pale freckles speckled across the bridge of her nose shows she doesn't completely avoid the sun.

She's a newcomer to the isles, but she's starting to find her way. Just don't expect her to be overly trusting; and there's a good chance "monstrous" looking folk will scare her, or at least make her uneasy, though she's beginning to grow accustomed to the oddities found locally. Even so, she seems to have grown more paranoid, rarely relaxed, and apparently lacking sleep if the dark circles under her eyes are any indication.

There is a strange looking mark on her neck; it's difficult to determine what made it.

A black leather collar encircled her neck, loose enough to be easily turned, and appearing decorative with a golden emblem of a rampant lion upon the front. A silver ring attached, which looked functional for a leash to be clipped, though it could just be part of the overall decoration.

Out of Character Info:

Character is from Earth.

REDS: Anything violating the server rules. Vomit and/or feces in erotic context. This character growing a penis for any amount of time. This character being a hard core dominant. Permanent death. >OOC SET-UPS!<. Serial "disconnectors" without warning or explanation.

YELLOWS: Blank or default bios. Strictly submissive characters.  Multiple partners. Permanent slavery.

GREENS: General RP from casual to ongoing story, with or without erotic context. DOMINANT characters, preferably male. Flirting. Teasing. Groping. Kidnapping. Capture. Trickery. Drugs/roofies. Reluctance/dubious consent. Non-consent/rape. Vaginal. Oral. Anal. Short term. Long term. Repeat encounters. One night stands. Forced/denied pleasure. Forced/denied orgasm. Threats/violence/torture, sexual or non. Asphyxiation. Binds. Equipment. Machines .Toys. Candles. Ovipositing. Private. Discrete public. Marking. Non-human. Monsters. Beasts. Evil creatures.

Unless I express discomfort via OOC, assume everything is welcome.

If she's not labeled as "Busy" feel free to track her down.
Player:Phoenix Raising
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human