Ariana Constance

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~OOC note, I am Dyslexic so I mostly spell Phonetically.~

Name: Quartermaster Ariana Constance.

Age: Appears in her early twenties.

Eyes: Slate grey eye's border with thick, dark lashes serve to further enhance a natural sultry look.

Hair: Ebony black locks with a flash of silver gray.

Voice: Her mellifluous voice has a confident and some what cheeky tone.  

Scent: A light citrus tang of bergamot mixed in with the salty sent of the sea.

Noticeable features:

~A large gemmed pendant, set on a string of black Pearls.

~A rather flamboyant dark leather tricorn.


At a glance you see a slender, agile woman of average height. She wears an eclectic assortment of accessories, all eye catching in their own way. Despite all of that she wears a sturdy pair of leather boots, well fitting trousers if a little warn, and snug corsets and shirts designed to show off her feminine features. She has the rolling, hip swinging gate of a sailor, with a profanity laden tongue to match, which, when mixed with her nightingale voice, makes for a boisterous, yet still pleasing bard.

Her teasing smile has a secretive look accentuated by darkened lips. There's an air of theatrics about her, changeability and swinging moods.


Theme Song:
Blackbriar - Arms of the Ocean
Aviators - No One Will Save You
Digital Daggers - Still Here

Particular favorites:
She is based off of a more classic gypsy, traveller, pirate: Lovecraft, Folktales, superstitions, all that good old stuff. Darker more realistic, nitty-gritty themed RP. Love/hate friendships, blackmail, alchemy, power struggles, trickery, dice or RP fights.

Lights: I'm very open minded, I love imaginative RP! Consequences to my characters actions and others! Long term RP with Plots. Walk up, chit chatting, I'll give what I get! You put in so will I. Power-play, Deviousness, Manipulation, Seduction, Kinky, BDSM are all good fun.

I don't really have reds. I will go with the flow of rp and would rp my way out if I am uncomfortable with something. I will not break server rules and I would like a heads up to any permanent changes you wish to make to my character. Please don't God game, or meta game.

Got a thought or wish to ask me something feel free to pm me, I wont bite hard.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human