Saint Katherine Adeptus

Katherine is a tall, exotic looking female with long, Satyr-like legs and light blue skin.  Her mouth is covered by a small, metal enclosure that provides cooled air for her to breathe from a small radiator she wears onto her back, giving her voice a bit of a metallic tone as well as small puffs of misty cold air when she talks.  The little exposed skin she offers is extremely hot to the touch and she is constantly perspiring in such a "warm" environment.  Her ponytail rests against her back, ending in cold, frozen spikes similar to grass after a freezing rain.

She wears an extremely tight, thin, black bodysuit that leaves not the slightest bit to her imagination, In fact, the only hit that this is a bodysuit and not merely paint or different colored skin is offered by the various lines, tubes, and ports that cover it.  The suit constantly condenses moisture into the air into a frost which forms as quickly as it boils and steams off of her by her extremely high body temperature, thin wisps of fog constantly dance around her lithe body.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human