Shadevari Shimmergloom

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Light backstory:

    Shadevari is a name derived from combining his father's name Levari, with his mother's which is Nightshade. He is the last of the house Shimmergloom which little seems to be known of. His mother Nightshade seeked out his father because she believed in her breeder's heart, that he could provide her with what she needed to produce a wonderful offspring. She tried to use her aura and charsimatic presence to seduce him into getting what she wanted, but Levari was unphased by it as he is unimaginably powerful in addtion to being ungodly handsome, and she ended up submitting to him as a slave and becoming one of his wives, giving complete obedience to acquire the seed she needed to create the child she wanted. Shadevari can be dominating and harsh like his father is if its needed or part of an agreement to a girl, but he prefers to control them via emotions and using the same powers his mother had, which have the side effect of him being unable to hide his positive emotions as they seep out and can be felt in their intoxicating essence by others.


    Eyes: His eyes have a various nature to them depending on his mood at the time. When he's feeling fond or happy, they shine with a sparkle to their silver hued presence. When his mood isn't so good they turn a dull silver, nearly grey color. While his eyes are innately a strong trait of his father's, the changing aspects based on his mood is something that came from his mother.
    Hair: His hair is a beautiful mane of finely spun gold. Like his mother, it trails down his back to just behind his calves, and is well taken care of. His eyebrows ashare the same golden aspect of his hair, and are sometimes hidden behind the bangs that adorn the frame of his face, which hang down to just a slight bit over his pectorial muscles, where the tips rest on his abs.
    Skin: His skin is a strong tan color from being outside so much as he practices martial arts. His skin would appear to be perfect and unblemished, heavily inheriting this trait from his mother, it would be almost perfectly silky smooth, though his father's genes provides a bit of a firmness that makes his lightly toned and lean muscles have a touch of manliness to them.
    Physique: His body structure is in pristine conditioning from all of his training he has undergone as a monk. While he has muscle, its not very bulky and extremely trimmed down and honed to achieve that look of being buff, but not the repulsive look of being heavy with muscle, his arms are well toned and his touch can be quite delicate, while his legs are sculpted to a fine shape. Looking above his legs if he is not wearing a shirt or top, a v shape on the sides of his pelvis can be seen descending down, along the top of his hips down into his pants, beneath his sea of lean abs residing under his pectorial muscles, which are adorned with nipples like his mother's.
If you happen to looking at his backside, you would notice his muscles are in good shape if he had no shirt on, and his ass is quite delectible in his pants, the toned cheeks opposite his manhood are very pleasing to the eye when they are bare.
    Voice: The sound of his voice is a duotone mixture of his mother's graceful and soothing voice, with his father's voice adding a cool and strong presence to it. Like his aura and eyes, depending on how he feels this can range from sounding to nice and dominating, to heavenly and sweet.
    Manhood: If you happen to find yourself in his good graces or are one of his girls, you'd know that the word on the street is your master has a fat cock, a rumor started by Sharayla. It runs at twelve inches fully erect, and has a girth of eight inches. This trait is purely one inherited from father, but unlike him he keeps himself shaved and smooth, likely a mindset he inherited from his mother, along with excellent hygeine practices to keep the prick's pristine conditioning and shape intact.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human