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Phiraxia is a plant of some sort. Although the colors of her skin and attributes vary, changing from season to season (or mood), there are a few qualities that remain consistent.

The Plant's skin is smooth but tough and leathery like holly leaves. It's slightly greasy to the touch, as if her skin was permanently oiled. Vine-like markings, not unlike tattoo's trail along the curves of her fibrous skin and the 'skirt' around her waist were actually large, soft leaves while bark-like boots encase most of her legs.

She wore almost anything that could be simulated by plants or plant-like material, ranging from flower-petal shoulder pads and thorn-like spikes. Even the 'braids' sprouting from the top of her head were clearly vines.


I tend to like keeping things IC, but there are a few OOC Notes I've feel I should point out;

- I like big, detailed posts. I don't mind waiting.

- Pretty open to a lot of things, and pretty flexible. However one thing I can't stand is sniping. If you start sending me messages just after I log in pushing for RP, then that's a good way to get me to start avoiding you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human