Caecelius Phoenicopteri

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Name: Caecelius Phoenicopteri, Caecil
Race: Flamingo
Gender: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: ~200 lbs
Build: Curvy
Feather Color: Pink
Eye Color: Cerulean
Occupation: Goldface Adventuring Guild Combat Medic


Physical Description:

   A lanky, flamboyant water fowl with narrow shoulders. At least in comparison to his wide hips which frame a big, bubbly behind.

   Cecil is simultaneously garish and easy on the eyes; somewhat imposing, yet demure. He knows you're looking and his body language implies such; shifting his stance around to give you a few poses without you needing to move an inch.

   He has a decent amount of athletic muscle on his frame, but it's hardly toned to chisled perfection or the physique of a body-builder. It serves to offset his bottom-heavy shape at least enough to stop him from appearing -too- girly; Or at least, it one is willing to accept a big pink bird with a fat ass as 'masculine'.



  A perpetually-primping pretty boy, Cecil takes great pride in his appearance. He seems comfortable in anything from high-fashion to his birthday suit and is perturbingly adept at showing himself off at all times.

   The flamingo seems to be cheerful and pleasant with people, despite his obvious narcissism. Just because you fancy yourself doesn't mean everyone else cant be treated too, one would suspect goes through his head.
   "How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink? Eat too much and you'll get sick. Shrimps are pretty rich."
Scent: Cecil usually smells like a mixture of fruity shampoo/perfume and masculine musk.
Current Cologne: Lilac
Divination/Detection: Registers to alignment detection as chaotic neutral. His aura is fairly saturated so perhaps he has some magickal talent or properties?

Powers; Psionic, Magical, and Otherwise:

Enchanting: Cecil is an innate user of enchantment magic, allowing him to Charm and Dominate most beings with a DC based on his Charisma.

Constant Effects/Auras:

Aura of Insight: People within 20ft of Cecil find magic slightly more effective and their endeavors easier to see through.

Aura of Rodcet: People within 20ft of Cecil recover from exhaustion and seem to regain stamina and vigor at a much-increased rate.


Naughty Info:

Sexuality: Pansexual, Male-Leaning
Orientation: Switch

Reds: Scat, Hyper Muscle, Hyper Fat.

Notable Favorites: Anal, Ass-worship, Cock/Ball-worship, rimming, vanilla, musk, and many more.

Player is tell-friendly if you wish to ask about lights or potential interactions. However, I greatly appreciate people who are able to weave everything IC.
I don't really do appointments, and I leave my location ON for you to find me IG.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human