Caecelius Phoenicopteri

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Name: Caecil
Race: Flamingo
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: ~250 lbs
Scent: Lemon Zest
Build: Pear-Shaped
Feathers: Very Pink
Flesh: Dark
Eyes: Light Blue


Physical Description:

   A walking, talking lawn ornament that dresses like a frat house dude-bro, late 80's backup dancer, or brazen butt-slut depending on his mood. He has more than a couple piercings and has the tips of his locks dyed black, likely to resemble the natural pattern of his tail. Whether he's baring it with a thong or stuffing it in some trousers or shorts, it is virtually impossible for him to hide his obscenely-large, pink posterior and the inverse fat bulge at his groin; Not that he's trying. Somehow ignoring that, he's a fairly pretty bird. He's toned without being burly and obviously spends a fair bit of effort dolling himself up and making sure his bright pink coat is clean and downy-soft.



   An upbringing drenched in excess and private education has ended up making Caecil more than a little out-of-touch with reality. If he's world-weary and disillusioned, it's because it was 'trendy'. If he's laid-back and fun, it's because he's always been sheltered from the harsh sting of consequence. While such an origin would usually make a very self-absorbed, shallow, ignoramus; Caecil has developed a distaste for unwanted attention and earnestly seeks to express rather than exalt himself.

"How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink? Eat too many and you'll get sick; shrimps are pretty rich."


The Gift: Mages of any sort are pretty rare on Caecil's home plane, and tend to become attuned to a particular theme as they gain power. Caecil's attunement, whatever it may be, appears to be related to physical wellness. Within ten feet of him, creatures may feel more energetic, have greater stamina, and recover from fatigue more quickly. It's more-or-less noticeable depending on the 'targets' intelligence, but the feeling would be similar to the effect of blood doping. Undead or resistant targets may receive a dulled version of the effect or just feel a strange sensation without any benefit.


NSFW Info:

Favorites/Green:  Vanilla, Anal, breath-play, face-sitting, double/multi-pen, size-difference, all the way through, excessive pre/cum, inflation/bulging, Musk, anything that isn't red/yellow probably belongs here too.

Yellow: (Probably a Yes, but please ask): Vore, Watersports, Permanent Alterations, Mind Control, Brain Drain, Nastiness.

Red: Scat. That's literally it.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human