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    [Updated: 4/29/19]

"A Star has died. Elsewhere in the Cosmos, In an unremarkable corner of one Galatic Arm, A Child was born. Such is the balance of Existance."
     - Alan Dean Foster


  Race: Traveller
  Gender: [RP]
  Age: N/A
  Height: 4'9
  Eye Color: Pale-Blue
  Skin Color: Purple
  Occupation: Contractor

It was covered in a mix of Cybernetics and worn leather, It's two lower limps seemed to be mechanical replacements, from it's knees downward, advanced cybernetic limbs, powered via unconcernable arcane energy, aswell as a wiring into nerves to make them function, some parts covered with leather patches to protect the hazzardy parts of the limbs.

Stuxon was a rather serious, blunt and otherwise rough individual despite their slim appearance, appearing rather androgynous and given their unique species and neutral attire it's hard to determine what sex Stux was when they wore clothing.

Stux bears two horns that curl past a hood they wear when travelling, beneath this their face is commonly covered using a Full-Face Respirator, which allows Stux to survive Enviormental Hazzards. A pale purple tail, tipped with a slight fuzzed 'ball' with a faint slited soft-fleshed 'barb'-tip sways lazily behind. Hands were slightly clawed, and forearms were slightly more developed, the back elbow seeming to protrude into a small bone-like hump, adding to the alien features.

Stux carried a large, mechanical blade which seemed just as Extraterrestrial in appearance as Stux was, and they did seem trained to fight and able to wield the large sword.


Analysis Visor: Provides supplemental information on flora, fauna and minerals, as well as identifies concealed threats/weapons via focused low-grade x-ray.

Exosuit: Provides protection viabasic environmental shielding, Life Support System that continually filters and pumps breathable Oxygen.


Lights: For the most part, Stux is very laid back and hardly seeks out sexual encounters, content to take things as they come, but it's not uncommon for the occational happening, if Rare due to Stux being very.. thich-headed, It is difficult for them to take a hint if one is intrested in them. One can Expect a bit of bluntness here and there, as well as vitriol. Stux's not exactly rude, but they are not really much of the 'knight-type' either. And stux is also considered Pansexual, but prefers females (if the female has a penis is beside the point as long as she still acts Feminine and not the cliche shemale)

Very Vanilla. Romance, Stories, and plots. Grass. Avocados

Bananas, Lemons, Slow Down

rape, Rape, RAPE. Ballon-Sized Anything. Typical Victim characters. SUPER MANLY-MENS/Orcs/"MASSIVE DICK YEAH's-toons (Compensating much?). Tomatoes

       Sexual Preferences
¤ Petite
¤ Exotic Races
¤ Reptilian
¤ Smaller breasts ( D and below)
¤ Vanilla Races (Hin, Elf, human)
¤ Female/shemale (Feminine)
¤ Reserved/Shy Personality
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf