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Age: 21
Sex: Male


Easily mistaken for tomboyish woman, with his squeaky voice.

His body is totally hairless below the head. Even baggy pants are unable to totally conceal his sizeable bubble butt. Wide hips only make it worse, adding sway to his step. Puffy nipples often poke out through his skin-tight shirts.

Polite and cheerful, he can be somewhat shy around loud people.

Despite feminine demeanor, he's a competent guard. Traveling makes him often stumble into people in troubles, helping them eagerly.

When speaking his accent implies that draconic might be his native tongue.

Recently he's gained a bit more tone on his limbs, indicating a lot of exercise or fighting. Other than this, he also seems more confident.



Red: Rules, scat, vomit.

Green: Males, shemales, adventures, humiliation, subbing
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human