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      - Izeyen (Ee-zai-yen) -

  "She was a beauty, but so were her brothers and sisters of the Aril-tel-quessir. She was a warrior, feral and unyielding, but at the same time merciful. Every dawn she visited the temple and prayed to our goddess, asking for strength to preserve our culture and way of living. But at the same time she dreamed of reuniting most of our cousins under one banner, even our deep cousins, the drow! 'This dream of yours is a fool's errand, girl. You have to face reality.' She agreed, and looked at me with a smile that gave me chills. The look on her face was pure and adamant determination.
What became of her, you ask? I have not the faintest idea! We haven't seen her in decades, not since these abhorrent humans invaded our home!"

To be continued...

      - Twin Face -

  "Look wha' we found, cap'n! An elf! Jones said tah leave her in the ocean, but ah saw her chest movin', tuehehewheh, so she can't be dead, aye? Migh' fetch a good price if we sell her.
Huh? Tha' mask? We can't gid it off her, sir, we tried! Our knives aint sharp enough tah cut tha straps.
Billey, shut yer mud-filled yap, tha' ain't magical. And she ain't cursed either!"

To be continued....
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human