Indigo the Huntress,
Shard of the Sapphire Star, Ambrosia City Guard

Race: Half-Elf/Half-Angel
Eyes: Shining Blue
Height: 5'(usually, though she has the ability to change her form after her wings grew.)
Age: Forever looks 24

Decription: Born to an Elf blessed by an Angel, Indigo has inherited traits from her Mother and the Angel. She is incredibly striking with indigo skin and rich blue hair. Having been raised in the Temple of Sune, she is eager to see the world outside Ambrosia but the grand city will always be her true home. She is fiercly loyal to her family, espcially the Angel who saved her Mother, as well as to the Queen of Ambrosia. She is the Daughter of Saoirse Felter and loyal to Sapphira  Nahash.

Apperance: A six-pointed star pendant, set with a sapphire, hangs around her neck on a delicate chain.
Her body is toned, lithe; a natural huntress, she moves with cat-like grace be it on hoofs, paws, claws, or feet. Her smooth skin is the color of her name, a messy braid of a similar hue falls between her treasured wings.

Lights to come, rp if curious

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf