Dizy Fizzlespark

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This gnome is quite small, barely going over 3'2'' in height. She has a light pink skin, pink hair with twintails and green eyes. Even though she's small, she's incredibly curveous for her size - with her ass and breasts way too big. Because of that, she tends to bounce when she's walking and tire easily.


This character is mainly made for ERP. You're free to use her for non-consensual sex. Grab her or knock her out and use her however you like, then drop her behind like a used toy. If you have any questions, please /tell me.

If you want to know, here are my favorite lights :

- Short term RP (consequences optional)
- One-shot RP (consequences optional)
- Rape / Non-consensual sex
- Unconscious sex
- Vaginal sex
- Size difference
- Belly bulge / stomach deformation due to size of the cock fucking her
- Using her body like a fleshlight / sex toy
- Male characters as assaulter
- Bad End for my character

Mutilations / murder of my character are possible, but I would rather talk about it in OOC by tells before agreeing to that. It is usually linked with one-shot RPs. Necrophilia / gore scenes are also a possibility.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human