Back story:                                 Tiberion was at a time a gladiator slave who was forced to fight for a house. He had numerous battles, and as time went by he gained the favor of the crowds in a way that one of the competitor houses to the one his owners had thought up a  devious plan to weaken them.

    The competitor schemed that is was the perfect opportunity to have the emperor of the lands who came to see the infamous black shade fight, to have the owners of Tiberion free him if he were to defeat the shadow of death, a gargantuan undefeated man. He did, and so Tiberion won his freedom.

    With his gladiator slave days behind him, Tiberion now serves as a mercenary of sorts. The weapon he uses can vary, as the weaponmaster who trained him in armed combat taught him the use of several types of weapons, since in the arena they all had their strengths and weaknesses.

    His skin is a dark brown, and he usually keeps his black hair in a ponytail as it would get in his way otherwise, he also keeps a neatly groomed beard on his face. His body is muscular, but in a lean way since being bulky in the arena meant a certain death if you were unable to be mobile. A few small areas on his face are roughed up and cut a slight bit from very tough fights against other slaves. His eyes are a dark brown color, and despite his relatively rough life, he lives his life without contempt or disdain for what happened to him before now, as it changes nothing and would be a waste of time, which is reflected in the way his eyes look.                                                  
Personality:                                  If one got to know him, he could be a very fun guy to spend time with due to his playful and free spirted nature, which he derived from a friend he ultimately had to kill because the mistress of his former house disdained the friend for getting so much attention from Tiberion since they were best pals, and she was jealous her champion's attention was taken away from her.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human