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Common Name: Iago
Race: Hellhound
Gender: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: 520 lbs
Build: Muscular Endomorph
Fur Color: Charcoal Gray and Orange
Eye color: Pupilless, Glowing Orange
Scent: Smoky Dog


Physical Description:
Rather than a quadrupedal guardian and fiery attack dog, what stands before you is less a hound and more a man. There's still all the obvious canine features, but with a more upright figure and humanoid musculature, the hellhound strikes a fine balance between man and beast. From the tips of his ears to his toes, he's cloaked in a short coat of charcoal gray and soft orange fur with a texture like fine velvet. The front of his body, spanning from his throat to his lap, sports a broad patch of that more vibrant color to break up the darkness and shed a little light on his toned form. He's rather muscular -- burly, even, though he's hardly a bodybuilder in any regard. How this is achieved is anyone's guess, as all he ever seems to want to do is loaf off and be lazy.

His eyes are a striking golden orange and glow faintly. This becomes more pronounced in darker places or indoors, where the lessened ambient light really lets them shine. There's a ridge of hardened plates along the top of his head, seemingly made of bone, though their hardness is comparable to something much, much hardier. A spike of the same material juts out from his chin. His long, perky ears remain at constant alert in stark contrast to his perpetually relaxed features, twitching and twisting to catch nearby sounds while those listless eyes space out. Coming closer, one would find that Iago emits a constant, radiant heat. It's enough to make the winter chill bearable, and a summer day just slightly unpleasant. Due to this, he typically doesn't bother with shirts, lest he overheat himself. He does, however, typically wear shorts for the sake of modesty. The attention going bare invites isn't necessarily always what he wants, after all.


Ironically, for a being straight out of hell, Iago is pretty chill. Oftentimes he can seem distant or apathetic to most things, but that's not really the intent. He's simply very, very calm. Iago is slow to anger and slower to react, preferring to simply walk away from things that bother him and will very rarely have a particularly negative reaction to anything outside of niche cases where the issue at hand is simply too problematic to ignore. Otherwise, while not exactly the warmest personality at a glance, he's perfectly pleasant to be around and content to carry a conversation with just about anyone that isn't a walking affront to courtesy.

To those that know him better and have had the time to get into his good graces, Iago is a good deal more open. Those smiles may still be rare, but he'll crack a joke and share a drink with the best of them, provided one can withstand the dryness of his sense of humor. Despite his nature as a devil, he's a generally gentle hellhound that harbors no real ill will toward anyone. It's less that he's more good and more that he's simply incredibly lazy and can't be bothered to act on his nature in any significant way, particularly when doing so isn't pressing. He has little need for deals and isn't any more hungry for power than the next person. That said, when push comes to shove, this dog has quite a few tricks in his arsenal and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

He also has a mild distaste for magi and clerics, particularly any who have an affinity for conjuration, and will rarely trust these sorts outright if he knows they're a summoner. He dislikes being called to act and will generally resist any attempts to summon him.

// Those wishing to do so may send me a tell and we'll work it out!


NSFW stuff:
It is a terrible shame that such good looks are wasted on someone so utterly flippant. Iago may be a beast from hell, but by and large, he seems to take little initiative in trying to accomplish anything in this regard. Whether it's because he's allowed his mind to wander or because he simply can't strum up the energy, it's somewhat infrequent that he'll do anything carnal with someone he doesn't already know well. Of course, once that icy exterior is broken, those who have gotten into his good graces will find him rather more warm and, oftentimes, willing.

Sexually, his identifies as bisexual with no particular preference one way or the other.

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