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Race: Unknown
Gender: Boiiii! (Yes, he is a male)
Age: Looking in early twenties by human standarts
Height: 1.6 m
Eyes: Fiery red

Tiru posess a short statured figure with fiery red hair and dark ashen skin, however, he is not quite imposing. Even dressed in a heavy plate armor with runic signs still doesn't make him intimidating.
He appears to have an almost elven face, save the colors, a little angular and tad androgynous, although he is clearly a man. His ears are pointed and the sclera of his burning orange eyes is deep black, still not making him much intimidating. He almost always keep himself calm, a bit bored maybe, except some cases when he is not...

He pose a fit but slender form, despite wearing the heavy armor all the time. And he seems to always have a smell of hot iron about him, like he just walked out from a smithy.

Think infernal Link until while I'm making a better description


Lights: He have his story and way of RPing, also I wouldn't list all kinks here because it hugely depends on person(s) I play with.

Red: Usual server ban stuff. Godmoding, powermoding, metagaming. May depend on the mood. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will tell you.

Yellow: Characters without description and portrait.

Green: Good RP most of all, I would RP all what not listed in reds, yet he have his own likes and dislikes.

Tell friendly. Ask, if you have questions about him and I will try to answer.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf