Vys Teranhra

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[Name] Vys Teranhra

[Age] Between 50 and 50,000. She's a little self-conscious about it.

[Race] Drukhari. Looks like an elf with pointy ears and a sharp, fey-like face. But has a cold, alien indifference in her inhuman eyes.

[Build] Unusually tall and ungainly for an "elf", covered in wiry muscles.

[Markings and Symbols] Vys has a lot of inkwork done on her back and shoulders. A lot of sharp tattoos that look like blades, and mechanical patterns that circle some strange metal caps that seem to grow out of her spine.


Raven-haired and ivory-skinned, Vys is a flawless example of the fair folk if the fair folk did hard drugs. She's freakishly tall by most elven standards and is rippling with wiry muscles on her slender frame that weave in correspondence to alien anatomy. From her pointed ears to her sharp jaw and narrow nose, Vys looks lean and mean. She always smiles with her unusually sharp, metal teeth and never with her pitch-black eyes.

Covering her body is some serious ink work. Vys loves her tattoos and richly adorns her rippling back with strange patterns that don't correspond to traditional elven practices, with swirling blade-like patterns that conjure up an almost tribal heritage. Around her neck is a dull, colorless oval gem that only adds somehow to her brutalist aesthetics. But hidden under all that painted glory were strange, round metal sockets that seemed built into her skin only visible along her spine and lower back.

Vys bends her voice with flair and energy, demonstrating a wide range of vocal prowess that betrays her musical inclinations. There's a hardness to her features and a temper to her demeanor that makes Vys seem fringe-like. The apparent 'elf' stares at people like she expects something from them, yet smiles like all she wants to do is give them everything.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human