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Born and raised by the unforgiving wilderness far away from the walls of the nearest city, this woman developed quite the physique throughout the years of her day-to-day survival. Ropes of solid muscle can be seen bulging from beneath her sun-touched skin, and yet there was no excess of it, allowing her to remain surprisingly quick and nimble for a person of her size.

A pair of directionally independent ears, vertical pupils, elongated fangs, razor-sharp nails and, of course, the tail. Those are the trademark features of her people, which give out a wild predator confined in an otherwise human form.

Covered in mud, scratch marks and odd tribal-looking tattoos, Gabriel isn't even trying to conceal her obviously savage upbringing, despite her bleak attempts at acting all civilized and humane. Her speech is undeveloped at best, and her manners could use some improvement, but at least she isn't as hostile as she once was.

Dick. She has one.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf