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You see a slender raven haired human girl.

She looks decent enough but you could notice that she's rather pale and has enjoyed a slightly malnourished upbringing.

Most noticeably her lack of muscle mass shines though in all of her actions, even holding common tools like a longsword or carrying a small crate could seem like quite the task for her.

Fortunately she seems to be compensating for this lack of strength with an energetic enthusiasm towards acrobatic feats and featherlike handlings which would make any seasoned locksmith blush.

Her long delicate fingers would clearly be the envy of many harp practitioners and pianists if she ever started to practice such instruments.

Looking at her completely she seems petite but pretty, an unpolished jewel who's daily struggles could be summarized in one word 'survival'.

She carries a small tattoo on the left side of her neck showing a set of black antlers above a dark scarlet field. for accessories she has a little silver nose-stud piercing and two pierced earlobes which she decorates with simple delicate silver earrings.

Her average weight is 100 lbs.

--- (( OOC )) ---

Pregnancy, vomit, mutilation, permanent damage, animals and furries.

The rest, yes this includes drowning in cum, rape, vore or watersports stuff in private and what not.

Do note though that if her memory is not wiped or if she isn't persuaded successfully in some manner you might find IC repercussions.

Nobody willingly drinks pee or wants to get eaten alive only to be resurrected or reconstructed afterwards in the hospital ward.

When intimate she herself enjoys lots of teasing, worshiping a good cock and slapping, pinching or spanking her partners roughly as she rides them.

Both boys and girls seem to hold her interest.

--- (( It is OK to stop at any time )) ---

If at anytime you feel unsure if you should proceed with something or get uncomfortable an OOC conversation is just a tell away.  I don't bite there, promise. I will do the same if I feel we do not have any chemistry.

The last thing that I want is for either of us to not enjoy our time together.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human