Husani Amr Ahmed

The Short:
 Name: Husani Amr Ahmed
 Gender: Male
 Race: Human
 Age: Early twenties
 Height: 5'3"
 Weight: 104lbs
 Skin: Sunburnt Ebony
 Hair: Black
 Eyes: Dark Oak
 Noticeable Features: One Golden Hand

The Slightly Longer:

 A young man, walking with a slow, unhurried stride. His darkened skin and brown eyes, mixed with black hair would be reveal his origin to be from a warm place with plenty of sun. Once within close proximity, a faint scent of Sabani spice and perfume would be present.

 The manner of which he walked, spoke and even sat suggested some measure of wealth, not exactly 'High Society' but certainly above the common people.

 Even though a man, his features were certainly somewhat androgynous and under a certain light he would even appear feminine. Though there was always subtle little clues in his movement and gestures that left little doubt that he saw himself as a man.


     They are bright and flashing, stop it.

No, really, you'll have to find out by engaging in conversation with this young man.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human