Waifish and willowy, this drow - unmistakeably so - moves with a nimble, sure-footed grace, both fey and feline, artless and predatory.

Barely an adult full grown, her build is sparse.  Her ribs can be counted plainly, when bared; her breasts are small, though pert; her hips are thin and her limbs long.  Her modest rear is high and firm.  The gap between her thighs is plain when she goes lightly clad, displaying plainly that she is most definitely she.  Her hands are delicate, with fine, dextrous fingers.

Framed by snow-white, fine-stranded hair, her face is a long, fine-boned extended heart shape, with a solemn, attentive air when at rest.  Her eyes seem large in that slender head, their rose-red hue soft, except on the rare occasions when she is genuinely angry.  Her lips are thin, though not harshly so; her nose prettily snubbed.

Her voice is a high, silvery whisper.  Even when she tries, speaking loudly or harshly seems to be difficult for her.

She gives off a subtle scent of sandalwood and late summer roses.  Her hair is clean and brushed to glossy smoothness at the moment, and her soft smooth skin well-scrubbed, as if she has lately seen a marked improvement in the fortunes that had formerly left her such a starveling wretch.

For Drow, And Those Who Know Them Well:

You may notice that something's off about Arhanae.  She looks like a drow; she moves like a drow; beneath the perfume she even smells like a drow.  But something's not right.  This is intentional.  It is possible to learn more.

Green: Con, non-con.  Roughness & pain; alternatively (or additionally!) gentleness & attentiveness.  Ongoing story or one-shot scenes.  Peril and misfortune.  Sub by default; nervous dom in the right circumstances; tables can easily be turned on her.  Vaginal, anal, oral.

Amber: Vore, disfiguration, death.  Physical alteration including tattoos or piercings.  Cartoonish sizes. Straight to sex.  No lights shown.

Red: Server rules stuff, stink, scat, watersports.  No description at all.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf