Caeryn d'Relarvyn

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"Hmph... Elves can perform many roles in a party!"


{Name}: Caeryn d'Relarvyn
{Race}: Planar Elf
{Age}: 120
{Height}: 5'0"
{Build}: Voluptuous, Callipygian.



Rich, black hair spills down from the head of this carnally shaped elf. Much of the thick, dark mass is pulled up into a long ponytail which sways and bounces as she moves about the world.
A pair of luminous, envy-green eyes gaze out at you beneath - often smouldering behind the dip of long, dark lashes. A pair of expressive, well plucked eyebrows sit above - animated when she speaks.
Her cute features are furnished with high cheekbones, full lips and a button nose, making her face eye-catching in a crowd - particularly when those soft kissers of hers are pooched in some act of musing.

Caeryn's silhouette is sinfully curved, thicker and more salacious in essence than most of elven blood, hinting at some lust-born heritage locked up in her veins. A truly enormous pair of breasts heave dangerously at her chest. Those bountiful elven tiddies seem to threaten to escape almost anything she wears, the dark material snugly stretching over them in obvious distress! At other moments, those massive elven milkers will be propped up to present a truly geographical cleavage. Be it black humour, or a lewd appreciation of shock value - the woman hardly seems shy of the scandalous nature of her wardrobe.

Beneath, a toned waistline sits in stark contrast to these heavy curves. Touched by a feminine softness, there are none-the-less abdominal muscles that draw the eye towards her navel and the waistband of whatever garment might be worn below! Stamped on her skin, just above the navel is a band-like marking in the same of a canine paw.

Broad, grabbable hips blossom out beneath to complete the curvesome hourglass. At her rear, a deliciously heart shaped booty is contained in some dark attire, each cheek dipping and rising with each beat of her feet on the cobbles. The serpentine roll with each step giving her a slightly hypnotic sway.
Caeryn's thighs are a little thick, but not unpleasantly so. Contrasting with a tight little thigh-gap and toned calves. Those tapering pins sweeping down to dainty elven feet; usually wrapped up in a pair of fashionable heels.



GHOST DATA - Full Bodied



[Some Favourites]: Big Cocks, Heavy Balls, Messy Oral, Ruined Makeup, Lots of Cum, Feral Beasts, Monsters, Rough Sex, Sensual Sex, Regional Sparkling Buttstuff, Pampering, Grabbing Her Ears, Lipstick Stains, Breast Play, Toys and Straps, Scents, Dirty Talk and Lewd Banter, Musk, Risk of Pregnancy, Riding You Like a Hurricane.

Note: On favoured themes, always welcome; NEVER required.

[Reds]:  Poop, Graphic Gore, Vore, Infantilism.


{Portrait By}: Zanamaoria

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human