Cole Morrison

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Name:Cole Morrison
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Hired Gun
Age: 100 Years old (Forever Early 20s)
Race: Wolfman
Height and Build: 6.2 ft Runner's Body Build
Hair: White and Grey Fur
Eyes: Sky Blue
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Physical Description: This male humanoid with wolf features appears gruff, grizzled and well traveled. His clothing is worn, patchs and other signs of repair are common as well as tears and faded areas. His outfit appears to be a range of leathers and canvas fabrics attires. He wears a dark brown leather duster coat that as seen alot of action. he wears a matching wide brim hat with dark leather band that sometime holds things like playing cards, metal bullets and the odd smoking item like a ciger. Under his coat and around his chest is a belt holding a row of bullets. At his hip sits a leather bound weapon, A large handheld cannon with a cylinder at it's center. Belted to his thight and hidden in his coat is a pair of think cutting blades no taller then a shortsword. as well as many hidden knives. On his hands are a hair of leather gloves with graffed metal plates and bladed knuckle dusters. The metal seemed to have cleaned so many times the shine has faded and red specs can be seen where metal and leather is joined. Sometime seen wearing a ragged and torn brown canvas sheet wrapped around his neck and trailing behind his back. Rarly it cover the strapped long weapon that looks tube with a hand pump and a stock. When forced to, he appears to wear a mask with a around dum linked to the front by a hose. Those in the know call it as Gasmask. Most readable thing on him is his 2nd belt that keeps his open duster from falling off, the buckle read "Union 1st Rangers.." unlike other metal he wears it seems this is both poslised and well looked after.

History: His true origins unknown to even him, this Wolfman awoke in a strange world of harsh sands and hot winds. He would of been blenched bone in dune if not for the human that come to define his existance sinse. The true Cole Morrison was a farmer's son who left his farm to awnser his nation's call to war. only to come back to find death and ruin. Dispite the war won in his army's favor. A Band of those on the otherside did not return to peaceful lives. These murderers and outlaws world come to be known as the "Mad Pack". Each leader taking the title of rabid beast. "Maddog Macgruder" who lead the band would personal murder Cole's family and rob his home to floorboards.  Upon returning to find what he had gone to war for death and buried. Cole became a man with one goal in life, to see the Mad Pack all dead. He started with gunning down Macgruder in a 3 on 1 quickdraw dual. Put him and his two chief underlings in the ground. "Madcat Sue" Macgruder's wife would take over the pack and begin a trail of murder and death to see Cole come to them. It was here where the true Cole founds and cared for the lone confused wolfman. Befriending and training the lost soul. Knowing that upcoming battle with pack could kill him, he offer the land he lost to his new friend and wished him a good life. But the Wolfman refused to leave a friend. Together they faced the Mad pack in a battle that saw a small fronteer town burned to the ground. The end coming with Cole and Sue in a quickdraw. Sue was dead before clearing leather but one last Pack minion took a coward's shot to back of Cole and Wolfman was too late to save his mortaly wounded friend. Saying his goodbyes the one born Cole Morrison died and was buried alongside he family. With only his friend at time gone forever The Wolfman would take up his mantal and name. Becoming a nomadic gunman that would find the worst folks around dead. He kept doing this for well over 100 years. travaling from world to world with every outlandish advenure. His memories of his long gone friend faded to the point where his recall of who deeds where done by is so blurred that can't even remember what name the true cole used to call him. After dealing with portal hoping wizard with axe to grind. The Wolfman known as Cole Morrison found him in Sinfar.

(White) Random chating, Flirting, Asking stuff, Adventure and random kisses or slaps (Both good and bad).
(Green) Females, Shemales/Herms, Exoitic Races, Beast Races, Elves of all kinds, Random one night stands (If not too busy) tells, Groping/Hugs (Both give or take.) tentacles, Magical tricks or sex.
(Yellow) Male Humans, Temp Capture, enslavement, Mind control, changes (All temp and all end/go back to status quo if i wish.) Rape (Both ends of), Bondage, Bribing.
(Reds) Will Never Do: Dwarfs/Small Races/Childlike, Scat/Pee/Blood/Vomit/gore play, Perma-Death,Enslavement,Mind Contol,Dismemberment,Changes without my consent, Demands for erp, Pedo stuff and anything not allowed on his server's rules. Can't stand godmodders, we have rolls for a reason, ask if you want to ignore rolls in favor of story.

(Please be Aware) I'm a slow typer and have issues with my spelling, if i taking too long odds are i'm trying hard to spell something or looking it up. I also alt-tab out of the game sometimes so things can be missed or delayed. lastly i don't leave rp without somekind of word or warning, so if i disppear it's due to lost of connection. I'm sorry if i DC on you without a word. Thanks for reading.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human