Shalidar D'Cambion

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  This striking woman has an air of one used to getting things done, and the name may be familiar to some, as she is the Head-Mistress who once owned D'Cambion House, where she lived with her Sisters, pets, and slaves.. Though a bit harsh to those who act disrespectful, she is considered an educated, and fair Mistress by those who know her.. And many count themselves a part of that number...

  Pale blonde hair, and marbled grey eyes look out from a strikingly lean, yet attractive face, and her body moves with a sensual ease that many try hard to emulate..

   6'0, slim, lithely muscled, in some situations, she may be seen with small bat-like wings, and be confused with the likes of an Alu-Demon.  Others think she is a succubus, and she will do/say nothing to dissuade this, she may even perpetuate this, or even suggest it, and only someone who has her complete trust will ever know whether this is true, or another of her many deceptions.

What is known of Shalidar.
Shalidar says she was raised in Luskan, and that at age 7, her father was  killed, and her mother fell into depravity. All else can be learned thru research, in Luskan. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// Redacted for Decency /////////
finally, at 15, just as Shalidar had reached her puberty, her foster parents were found murdered in their beds, their heads were never found, nor any trace of the killers. Suspicion had fallen on Shalidar, but she was never tried, and fled the city, and turned up shortly thereafter in //redacted//.

Whenever she laughs, it is rare indeed to see the humor actually reach her eyes, which seem cold, and unfriendly most times. Her gaze is penetrating, and some say, hypnotic.

<<>>>OOC Shalidar has some unique abilities, that can be discovered only by role-playing. If your not into deep character backgrounds, or are not interested, immune, or anything else, a simple tell will exclude you from her "games"

OOC Knowledge, and passing information or memories to other characters played by you, is bad form.

Reds: Scat/Pedophillia, definitely, all else ask.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf