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A towering and brutal monstrosity to rival all others that roamed the plane, Kargok had little regard for the sanctity of the civilized world that he found himself misplaced and intruding upon. The goliath every bit embodied the uncompromising savagery of his kind, bred to conquer and destroy, to pillaging all that stood in his way during his conquest across whatever lands he stumbled over.

Weaponry decorated Kargok's body and he wore each and every instrument with practiced and honed efficiency. Waraxes resided strapped to flank his hips, their edges as crude as he, chipped and marred from their use and stained with the coppery ichor that matched the aforementioned paint upon his gear. Subtlety was clearly not this hulking brute's forte, as the minotaur was a creature of raw unbridled instincts. One might smell the bruiser's approach prior to his presence being readily known; A heady musk of the bull's virile, and violent nature, pungent and strong that left an indelible scent not only upon his belongings, but wherever he may have roamed.

His flesh was akin to a tapestry devoted to the fury of battle; rippling, horrifically chiseled musculature that bore ritualistic scarring intermingled with a wealth of disfigurement suffered from the blows of enemies, doubtlessly shortly before their demise. Wretched and grotesque, the pale nicks and scratches occupied much of his skin, biting down past the layer to forever brand him though as with all true warriors, Kargok wore these with pride, evidence of his past conquests and always on the hunt to add new ones to the collection.

With little else to count as pastimes but fighting, fucking and breeding, the bull was equipped to excel at all. The tools of war aiding the former activity always within reach and the latter two's 'weapon' wasn't too difficult to espy either. A monstrously fat bull cock hung lowly between the minotaur's legs, the thing always eager and twitchy as if the beast was ready to mount a woman and plow at any given second. From the flared head down that girthy swell of a savage veiny shaft, the colossal minotaur's rod was much like the rest of him - brutal. A big sac with churning nuts lie beneath it, nearly always giving up a wealth of sticky precum that kept the tip constantly sodden and slick and oft times dribbled below when the bull moved.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc