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A sellsword, a poet and a friend...


Measuring 6'1 ft., a musculature developed , often with a charming smile and speaking in a sweet voice. The man who walks by your side will hardly leave you indifferent, no matter how you feel. You notice that its skin leaves no space for any marks that the ravages of time could leave except for scars, it seems to be a timeless work of art, moreover you have the impression that it is made of marble, a curiously red marble.

The exoticism does not stop there, a long tail whips the air and walks according to his desires behind him and on his head sits two horns. Yet, his courteous words, his calculated actions, everything about him seems to be well intentioned. This Tiefling would almost make you forget what he is and on many occasions he will prove to be more respectable than the average person.

He seems to be in his thirties if you had to give him an age. His smile is charming, sometimes mocking and he looks at you with yellow eyes with split irises like a cat. He observes the world with curiosity and the gaze of this Tiefling sparkles with notorious negligence. Always dressed with elegance, he makes it a matter of honour to take care of his appearance, his clothes highlighting his titanic musculature. When he wears armor, it is once again with style; on his belt you see two ornamental daggers and a case with three magic wands, on the side a magic pocket is attached to carry different potions. And on his back, hung up, it is not uncommon to see him with a hammer, a maul or both.

[OOC notes]

I play in English, but I'm still learning this language, be patient with me >:D

Player is tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human