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Elby is a short young adult Drow.

She has a round jaw, pointy ears, a small nose and wide red eyes. Her hair stretches down to her shoulders. It is white and feels like silk to the touch.

She wears a dark tan set of pants. They look are dirty and quite worn. She also wears a new - looking thick grey shirt around her chest. She has a pair quite cheap looking boots.

Her body is of a natural for Drow dark - dark purple shade. She doesn't have any hair on her body, except for her head and for a small patch down in her groin area. She has pretty narrow shoulders and is barely muscular. Her chest is a D cup. She has pronounced hips and a round butt. Despite her poor attire, she is usually clean. The Drow faintly smells of roasted fish.

She has a thin scar on her cheek, a couple of deeper scars above her chest. There is a large old scar across her entire back and some sort of a symbol burned into her skin on the back of her left shoulder. It looks like a fist inside of a circle and identifies her as a slave.

Being treated poorly for being a Drow. Light hearted roleplay is fun.

ERP Preferences:
If the line is crossed, I'll let know. If unsure, ask in OOC. Character WILL ALWAYS resist in case of being threatened.

Piercings, 9999 inch morangtongs / meloners and girls with packages are always a no - no.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf