Chrys Sylvain

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Basics of Life :

Height : 6'0"
Weight : 180
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Green
Build : Lean/Dexterous

This man seems to be your average human, surely nothing would stand out right away, the lack of any wings, tail, horns, or any other manner of odd appendages grace this man. Striding along with a small whistle to himself, he seems to be quick of mind and even quicker of hand. Offering those around him a charming smile, a wink of an eye, and of course, a tip of the hat he never seems to be without.

Greens : Intelligence, Females who are actually Females, more full figured women that are at least close to proportional, Elven/Human sized women, women in heels, intelligent conversation, people who aren't drama llamas, SRP more towards the vanilla side than the fetish side, teasing and flirting, taking women from behind while bent over something, women who aren't super submissive or super dominant, very descriptive SRP, breeder play/risk of pregnancy/impregnation.

Yellow : Extremes on the sub/dom scale, characters that are intelligently stupid (that is, a stupid character that's RP'ed well), herms in SRP land, RP'ing actual pregnancies, PvP or situations where PvP is involved (These are more towards red than yellow.

Reds: Shemales in SRP land, women who redlight males but green light everything having to do with cum or penises. Drama Kings and Queens who go out of their way to bother/stalk/make people's lives miserable.
Player:Caeldan Caldoren
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human