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A slender elven build, sculpted with sensual curves. Obviously a light chestnut haired petite elf. Without any makeup, freckles sprinkle on her delicate face. An ingenuous smile set forth her lewd luscious lips. Blue eyed, and agile as most of elves, she looks to the world with curiousity.

The contrast between her tiny frame and her firm curves make them more outstanding than they truely are.

From her right foot to her right hand, a fresco like tattoo made from golden ink covers her skin. A mix of nature, animal and styled elven calligraphy. The leg is linked to the earth, patterns that define minerals, trees, a bobcat thrones insides thoses. Next the body is linked to the sea, patterns are about the water, corals, algaes, a jellyfish is hidden in thoses. And finally the arm is linked to the sky, wind, leaves and clouds ornates this one, a butterfly on the shoulder.

She doesn't wear much. No blade, bows, grimoire, just a simple bag and often seen with a long hooded mantle.

[EN/FR]Open to any Roleplay within server rules & perma death. Open to changes. Don't be shy. ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf