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TL;DR: Tiefling prettyboy. Knight in shining red armor. Dashing.

"The Knight of Roses"

Allurel is male--don't let the generous butt and soft features fool you. His skin is alabaster white with a slight hue of blue to it. Likewise, his eyes are radiant icy blue pools of solid color, marking him as a tiefling just as much as the back-swept horns and spaded tail do. His figure is slim, but toned with deceptive strength, and he's relatively tall compared to his weight. The tone of his voice is best described as, "softly masculine."

There's usually a holy symbol of Sune somewhere on his clothes or armor, whether as a patch stitched to a collar or embossed onto a gauntlet. He wears his faith openly, and will talk about it if you ask. Allurel loves freely and often, fluidly drifting from lover to lover and expecting nothing in return from his partners other than to receive his affection.

Seen armored, Allurel wears the regalia of his Goddess, a shining suit of red platemail with white accents and a flowing cloak. To protect his face from harm, as any self-respecting Sunite should, he wears a protective mask in combat. It is pure white and elegant in design.

He is a true pansexual switch. Love and ecstasy are available to any who wish to have them, so long as they don't abuse the privilege or hurt him. He has boundless passion to give.

Allurel wears a small rosegold band, inlaid with amethyst and sapphire, on his left ring finger.

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Walk up friendly. Tell friendly. Just plain friendly.

I make liberal use of the !lockinplace command to avoid misclicks. If you started a two-person emote and nothing happened, send me a Tell so I know to unlock.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human