Rafe Taerli

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Rafe Taerli, pronounced like Wraith, but with an F. Or in phonetics, (/re?f/ RAYF)

Rafe has undergone a radical manifestation. He looks like a half-fiend almost with red eyes glowing a pale blue in one form, and just the red in another. His skin, is red, and he sports huge horns and a swishing tail, with frightfully sharp claws. His musculature is inhuman, and when angered he radiates quite the hellish fury.

Still, he was a handsome faced fellow whose wavy black hair occasionally hides the view of his eyes juxtaposed onto a usually blasé manner. His face varies from clean shaven to a five'o'clock shadow, with full lips, square jawline, and a handsome nose to bring it all together.  Staring longer, a viewer would start to note the raw definition of his biceps pressing against his sleeves, or how surprisingly solid his pectorals are, or how you can actually see the six lumps of his abdominal muscles pressing against his shirt, or how when the wind catches his pants just right you can see that Rafe actually has kind of a big.... but then a viewer might be a bit more reserved as well. But if they weren't, maybe with a bit of persistence they might glimpse more.  

The Bullet Points:
Height: 6'
Weight: Around 175-195 lbs, hard to say
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Age: Looks to be in his 30's

A man of many roads, Rafe was born in a far away land, scooped into the Astral Academy of Wizardry at a young age to learn magic, which in the end turned out to be a clerical error. Rafe was no wizard, but a sorcerer and self-proclaimed master of murder-magic besides. He used his time at the academy to study very diligently, despite any rumors floating around to the contrary, I promise you dear reader. Though he did have a propensity to ignore his betters on account of them being wrong, it was an obvious act of targeted malice that lead to Rafe being marked as a trouble student and a pariah. Naturally, due to the irreconcilable differences in life philosophy Rafe and the academy of his youth parted ways well before his graduation, on amiable terms, so that he could embark on a journey of self-discovery, and certainly not because he was kicked out for insubordination, disobedience, reckless endangerment of his fellow students, fornication among students and staff, burglary or any other devious and blatant slander upon his character. As he journeyed and discovered more about the world, he came upon a most astounding revelation. Freedom requires power.

With that in mind, he avoided the temptations of simply cutting deals with dark entities, and remembered to always keep his word and be an upstanding gentlemen as expected of an almost-alumni of a prestigious academy, and to always be true to his love, or at least one of them. He journeyed to the ends of his world, and then beyond, exploring new and exciting worlds while taking great care to avoid places like the gray wastes of Hades and other such obviously evil realms, never once abusing what knowledge he had gleaned for self-serving purpose or just to ravage some young lad, and always standing for truth and justice. He always helps the little guy in need, with absolutely no thought of his own interest.  
For a decade, Rafe has journeyed across multiple primes, through the grand aetheria, into the astral, and beyond, taking in the sights of so many worlds, and their culture respectfully. He loved, he lost, and through it all he stayed true to himself. Everyone loves Rafe.

    Certified truth.

[NOTE: This account was penned by Rafe, thus the reader should be warned it may contain multiple exaggerations and outright falsehoods. With further investigation it has been verified that Rafe's lascivious behavior was directly responsible for the disownment of no less than ten heirs, as well as the unfortunate dismissal of the Oracle from her position as the virgin seer, that Rafe is guilty of grand larceny, arson, is implicated in three murders, is guilty of causing the deaths of three students through reckless behavior, guilty of cheating on multiple academy tests, and is currently wanted by the Kings Anofolam, the realm of Hecates, and the Duke of Teranyis for the crimes of adultery, buggery, perjury, and arson. He also obviously made deals with dark entities.]

Rafe has manifested RP powahs! No obligation to play them with me unless agreed to before hand, obviously. Best for none-event RP.

Fiend glare: DC 48 ((Rafe has a serious evil eye.)) It inflicts: Shaken! -2 attack rolls/saving throws/ skill checks/ability checks.

The classes I LARP as having are Sorcerer 20/acolyte of the flesh 10/Planeshifter 10, but it's all optional, obviously.

Lights n all:

Reds: toilet stuff is a hard no. I'm not entirely sold on permanent maiming either.  Jealousy RP.

Yellow: The extremes, basically. Mood varies.

Most anything else is more or less easy to find out via RP, or like a tell if you want to go that route. Notably Rafe is a homosexual by and large.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human