Vanessa Bellerose

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Name: Vanessa Bellerose
Sex: Female
Height: 6'0
Hair: Redhead

First to catch your attention would be a smirk almost always playing across the  woman's lips. Those plump lips of hers usually painted a deep shade of red.

Vanessa's fiery red hair is usually styled in one of the latest fashion, that hair more often than not spilling to just above the small of her back.

Should eyes wander down, she possesses an ample bosom, those heavy round globes easily filling a person's palm, should they be pawed and groped.

Wandering further down, her waspish waist tapers in narrowly, to a toned and flat stomach.

Moving down further, the redhead possesses broad childbearing hips, and also her best asset, that curvy bubble butt of an ass.

The woman's buttocks swells out to two defining globes, which even when concealed by clothing, it'd be quite clear she was a bit plump back there. Not fat, but clearly enough cushioning.

Each step, her heels click and clack against the stone, the movement causing that arched heart shaped rump of her buttocks to roll sensually in rhythm. As she struts and walks, that ass calls for an onlooker to paw, ogle, or to spank it.

Long toned legs that went on and on, were often clad in some manner of heels, or fuck-me hooker style boots.

More often than not, the redhead beauty is clad in some manner of latex or rubber. Full body suits, or a mix of rubber and skin.
Regardless of the given attire, it was form fitting and hugged her figure, to show off those curves she possessed.

From a casual glance, it's quite clear she has a number of visible piercings, as well as inking in the form of tattoos.
Player:Latex Queen
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human