Yucca Rinwood

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UPDATE: No longer  with the man  she  once  loved  it  wouldn't  have  taken   Yucca long  too find  her another  now  she would  be  with a towering  Nordic  Viking. The  glow  within  her face and  cheeks  would  now  be  back   just  like  before

It  was a cold night within  sinfar A couple of  elves  snuck off  too a  secluded place   too  talk. They  decided on  a  nice  quiet place a hotsprings and there  they got too talking and one thing led to another . At  the end  the  winter elf  was  with child.
Not even  telling  the father  she  left  the island too go off and  have  her child well there lie the suprise it wasnt one  but  two of them as  she gave birth with just one other person watching out for her  all she could  cry out was  the fathers name .

That was many moons ago that  this  winter elf  gave birth and now  the  twins are  grown and have  come too sinfar. A boy who is the oldest and a few minutes  younger the  girl, The father  picked the name out for the  girl and  the mother  picked the name out for the boy, Yucca and Yalathanil Rinwood.

Both of these  elves would  have  their fathers  blonde hair the stunning  eyes and the angular  face of him . Both would also  be  small in stature  like him and not   at all look like their mother . The outgoing personality would  be  from  the mothers  side .

They now  venture  the land in  search of  friends and  companionship . Both kind and loving to a fault and would  help anyone that needed it .

{Reds}:, No  Bio  no  Rp  If you  have  WIP and  a descent   description  that is   good  but  a  empty one will  make me  just  walk away,Rape, dismemberment, perma death,  breast enlargement, changing  any of her  physical  features. Giving her a  penis, no bloddy  voilence , no  bodily  wastes. If it isnt here  please ask  in tells  it might be a  yellow or  green. I also have the right too  stop any rp which  i am not  comfortable  with , and at any  time.
Player:Piss Stain The Brawler
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human