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A silver-scaled creature of regal bearing, Vaenirayrth's mixed blood is no mystery due to the slew of draconic features that adorn her form. The blemishless, pale skin of her face is framed by spined ridges upon her cheeks and a trio of horns jutting out from both sides of her skull.  The remaining features of the half-breed are decidedly feminine, a large pair of sapphire eyes and button nose beheld in the center, with a curtain of stark white hair serving as a frame. With an astute enough look, one would notice the tips of the half-breed's ears taper off into pointed tips.

Sprouting out from the mongrels back were a pair of leathery wings, with more of the silver-blue scales found lining the spine. Further south, a matching tail sways and swishes from the womans rear.

(Vaenirayrth can use glamors to hide her draconic features, which she does from time to time! WYSWYG applies in these circumstances, she appears like a particularly pale half-elf!)

Upon her person, the implements of an adventurer are easily found-- A sheathed longsword resting at her hip, and a wooden, ornate lute found upon her back if not in her hands.

Lights: Let's roleplay! I'm willing to play and react, more often than not. If something makes me uncomfortable, I will let it be known.  I am a fan of RP first and foremost, so the other bits are reserved for those that've spent some more time with Vae!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf