Foree O'izzet

I took you home... Set you on the glass...
I pulled off your wings... And I laughed...

Occupation: Foree is an Assassin in the service of Revanos. She specializes in gathering information and secrets from the various peoples of Sinfar. If your name is spoken, chances are that she already knows a little something about you. Foree will often follow unknown individuals or hang upside-down from various places and simply listen in on conversations.

Demeanor: This Ilythiiri seems to carry an Aristocratic air upon her, much in the way of a noble. Most Sinfarians find her incredibly alluring in vanity but may be off-put by her spooky nature of hanging around by webbed heels or following people silently. She speaks in a soft arrogant tone, mellow and crisp with purred hums and monotone passion. Words of honey and venom like a sexy spider ready to bite you. An opportunistic backstabber who avoids direct confrontation.

Attire: Sporting dark black hide armor and a crowned tiara made from the hide of a Bebilith, woven with webbed strands of fine spider silk. Often seen wearing a hooded cloak with the symbol of Lolth displayed upon it. Foree wears many gems and rings upon her person at all times. Sometimes wearing a visable pair of daggers over her hips that point into a "V" above her slender crotch. High heeled boots of "Spider Climb" that allow her to scale vertical and horizontal surfaces at will. Various items also include a webbed fan, an intricate spider-web umbrella and a goblet of fine wine. Poison darts hidden all over.

Nudity: Like a luxurious black canvas of night dotted with sparkling jewels and diamonds. The Drow's lithe body is very lean with a clear female hourglass shape upon her hips and chest. Average breast size, both crowned with diamond rings upon each nipple. A stud through her naval and clitois. Each nail on her fingers and toes is glossed with a pearl varnish, pristine and smooth. Each of her long erect ears sports three gold rings that vary in size from small to large - from tip to lobe respectfully. Her long feathery eyebrows wave in spooky fashion when she blinks her eyes. A burned mark upon the back of her neck that seems to show some sort of symbol.

Special: Foree is incredibly venomous. Being an Assassin makes her immune to it, but many people whom recieve kisses or become intimate with her run the risk of becoming poisoned. The venom is Bebilith in nature and seems to sap Constitution on a failed Fortitude roll of DC 55. Effects can last for a few hours to a few days depending on exposure and failure. Side-effects are incredible fatigue, fever-like symptoms and long-lasting arrousal. The venom is only present in her saliva, virility and blood.

OOC Green: I enjoy political intrique, evil plots and extreme danger. I will NEVER try to kill your character unless given permission. I also enjoy capture sexual roleplay and do not mind approaches, both IC and OOC. Very tell friendly and a lover of various music.

OOC Red: Don't be disgusting please! I don't mind participating in flagging for PvP so long as you don't abuse glitches. And please don't pull Foree's piercings out... Ouch! She may be a bitch, but I'm not!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf