Rem Haruno

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         Character Sheet

NAME: Rem Haruno
RACE: Human
GENDER: female
AGE: young adult
HAIR COLOR: light blue
EYE COLOR: light blue
HEIGHT: 5'1'' (about 154 cm)
WEIGHT: unknown
FEATURES: short hair hiding partially her eyes, wears a maid outfit
PERSONNALITY: shy, devoted


Even though she's a young adult, this human girl is small for her species, being 5'1'' tall. She looks delicate at first sight : her pale skin feels smooth, showing no scar and her thin body adds to the petite impression. Her most distinctive feature is certainly her light blue short hair, covering her forehead and hiding partially her blue eyes. It doesn't seem to hinder her eyesight too much, even though she regularly push the strands away from her left eye.

As a woman, her feminine curves don't stand out too much, even though they're still enjoyable to look at. Her breasts are about C cup size and her bottom is adorably round. Her muscles are thin, but dense and the few who can feel her arms and thighs are often surprised to notice their firmness under that smooth skin. She has especially a strong grip with her hands and she's perfectly able to defend herself against male brutes, even if they are twice her size.

Rem is usually seen in her classic black and white maid outfit, wearing an apron above her short skirt and a cute maid headband. She wears white pantihoses on her legs, only showing a bit of skin with her upper thighs before the rest is hidden under her skirt. Her top has still a revealing neckline and her shoulders are bare as well under her feather like white shoulderpads. Strangely enough, her maid collar has a silver short chain attached to it. She politely deflects any question on it and doesn't allow anyone to touch it.

When adressing others, this girl is always polite and even formal, calling women "miladies" and men "milords". She often bows her head low in deference and usually keeps her hands joined on the front of her apron, at her crotch's height when she doesn't use them. In more than one way, she's acting like a maid, even so she's not employed as one.

Rem doesn't like to stand out or impose her presence to others. She can be described as shy because of that behavior, but she's not afraid to talk when she needs to. She's often more concerned about the well being of others rather than her own. She's a hard worker at heart and tend to push herself a bit too much.

More than anything, this girl is loyal and devoted at the core. She has a deep need to be useful to others, mostly because she's afraid to be alone again. That doesn't mean she's blindly trusting anyone she meets for the first time - but once she accepts someone as really trustworthy, she can go to great lengths to ensure his or her happiness, even if it is to the cost of her own.

Still, because of that mindset, there is a dark side of her that shows when someone she's trusting betrays her. Woe to the one who succeeds in this sinister achievement, because she will never forget nor forgive what that person has done - and will most likely make sure he or she will pay for it.

Rem tends to have an inferiority complex and is the first to see the best parts in others while underestimating her own. She can be very supportive because of that and is the reason why she doesn't like to talk about herself.


Rem lost her family and her village to a monster raid when she was a young child, and was picked up by the local noble's own maids to become part of the working force at his manor. She always felt grateful for having a new home and devoted herself to serving her master the best she could.

The noble man was a bit eccentric and his maids were also his private army - trained not only in serving him and doing housechores, but also handling security and fighting. Rem was no exception, and she soon became a skilled "battle maid" like her teachers.

Time passed and Rem grew up to become a beauty, which set her master's desires ablaze as well. He begun to abuse her in more than one way, taking her for granted. Yet she stayed loyal to him.

In the end, her master left her and his house behind on a whim to chase after an elven girl he fell madly in love with. That was his last mistake, since he sadly died in a stupid ambush meant for the girl he was obsessed with - and thus Rem became unemployed.

After some mourning time, she decided to find a new purpose for her life and came to the Sinfar Islands, hoping to use her experience to find another job. So far, she's found one in the Whispering Raven, serving drinks to customers and keeping the place clean. She also uses her skills as a battle maid to fight monsters whenever the reward is worth it, or repel groping hands from gross people.


- Rem is way stronger than she looks and should be, because she actually has some demon blood in her - so it's not just because of her training, she's a natural. I know, this is so cliché !

- Even though, she's still a full human. Her demon blood comes from one of her ancestor dealing a stupid pact with demons to gain power (spoiler : it ended badly for him, but he still managed to have children before that happens). It's akind to a blood lineage curse. She's aware of it and it's something she's highly unlikely to share with others (unless she's really, REALLY trusting you).

- It is possible for paladins / people able to read her aura to notice her demon blood's influence, even though it is faint. It is way stronger when she is stressed or her mind is agitated. It is unable to miss when she's mad with anger. This is why she tries to control her emotions as much as possible.

- When she's angry, her eyes seem to glow red. It is a consequence of her demon blood's influence.

- She actually doesn't know anyone named Subaru, and isn't interested to meet one.

- She is a straight person. She was a bit confused when meeting shemales the first time, but since then she identifies them as "females" as far as she's concerned sexually.

         OOC Information

I can roleplay in English as well as in French - since French is my first language, please forgive me if I make some mistakes while writing.

This character is meant for RP/ERP/PVE (Adventure/Social). While I can do some PvP for fun if I am in the mood, including for RP purposes, that's not my main drive.

My time zone is GMT +01:00. I live in Central Europa, so it is highly possible we play at different hours - especially if you are on the other side of the sea. I usually play in the evening.

I am very /tell friendly. If you have any question or want to talk about a scene before playing, please don't be shy - I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Be warned I really don't like people logging out without warning and then act like nothing happened afterwards. If you have to go or want to stop the RP for any reason, just tell me in OOC and I will always understand. I will never force you to play a RP you don't like as a player and will immediately stop if you say that to me. Otherwise, don't be surprised if I refuse to play with you next time, with any of my characters.

I welcome all kinds of RP - ERP included. It doesn't have to be about sex if you play a character I'm sexually interested into, and I do enjoy "casual RP" as well.

What I like
- Short term RP
- Long term relationships
- Maid services
- Maid / master relationship
- Romance

What I'm okay with
- Maid "night services" (only for the people winning her affection), including :
* Vaginal sex (receiving)
* Oral sex (giving)
* Boobplay

What I avoid
- Anal sex
- Stalkers
- Sadism
- People taking / using her for granted
- Anything that could lead to OOC drama
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human