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A pair of dark eyes peered out from beneath a near omnipresent shadowed hood. This was not by way of fanciful representation of curious pupils, as they had nothing of the kind - just inky black pits set in pale skin, like plunging holes through the surface of an icy lake into some abyss. They seemed untroubled by this genetic curiosity nonetheless, often warily on the move back and forth across the backdrop of Sinifer, as if constantly paranoid or looking for some expected personage.

Where the eyes were black, the flesh they lay in was deathly pale, as if thin sheets of translucent skin had been laid over each other until they just barely blocked the light. It would have been wrong to describe it as 'snowy', for such a word suggested untouched purity. It was more like settled ash, graced with shadow, touched by the dark for all the lightness of it.

Against lean arms and curling into the body were gleaming tattoos that said little with very much - strange glyphs and shapes that suggested something more fanciful until the eyes focused on them and realized there was nothing truly there. The reflective nature of the lines came not from some arcanist's magic, or artist's toolbox, but from thin strips of metal that had been laid atop the skin, branded in so perfectly as to barely pucker the skin clinging to either side.

All of this was swaddled in plain leather and cloth, the details covered by dark strips of fabric as if the light of day threatened to harm him.
Player:Jelly Cube
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human