Valeria Porphyra

FRA/ENG, work in progress!

This tall, tan skinned, woman with an antique style, gazes at you with her dark green eyes, looking intimidating. She is muscular, wearing a legionarie's armor from her homeland. Her tone is deep, warm and authoritarive.

Cette grande femme à la peau bronzée, au style antique, vous regarde avec ses yeux verts foncés, l'air imposant et intimidant. Elle est musclée, portant une armure de légionnaire de son pays natal. Son ton est profond, chaud et autoritaire.

Lights :

Green : Females, realistic behaviors & contexts.

Yellow : Shemales, filth.

Red : Walk-up ERP, Men & femboys in ERP, most of anthros and furries, anything perma without asking, passive-aggressive behavior OOC.

Tell friendly! She is a shemale.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human