You might see it, or you might miss it. The real question is; Is that your handkerchief you just saw scampering away?

 And what is under that handkerchief but an impossibly small woman, dressed in what was obviously hand-made clothing and sporting a number of makeshift tools? How about an impossibly small cattish woman, one who looks ready to burst into either tears or into a fit of fury at having been caught?

 Indeed, the woman is a cattish individual standing at barely six inches in height, covered in black fur; Save for her head, her hair and the tip of her tail dyed in shades of yellow and orange as if to mimic a roaring inferno.. Or the flame of a candle, at her size. The most unusual feature to be found, aside from her unusually small size and slightly too-large ears, was that her tail was as long as she herself was tall.

And indeed, she was wearing clothes that looked fairly new yet still somewhat unusual by Siniferian standards, always roaming around with a fishing hook on a spool of string and a makeshift crossbow to fire it from, with small bags filled with goodies and trash alike adorning her outfit at random intervals.

A more recent addition seems to be a decorative collar at her neck, adorned with a tiny, silver bell that chimes softly when not otherwise muffled.

If engaged in conversation, she's almost always seen pulling a simple ring from within a pouch. While sized to fit over an ordinary person's finger, this one fits around her head and rests on her shoulders - It doesn't take more than her speaking to identify it as a Ring of Amplification, projecting her voice to great volumes such that she can chatter without having to shout.

--OOC Lights--
Some of these are definitely more on the unusual or extreme sides, and are entirely optional. Feel free to make suggestions for ideas or scenes!

-Bathroom-play, and things pertaining to such.
-Gore / Bloodletting
-Death / Necrophilia
-Hard Vore

-None. I either won't do it, or am open to trying it at least once.

-All genders and all races!
-Vanilla or extremely unusual encounters
-Casual / Playful encounters
-Excessive size differences
-Temporary Transformations (Size altering down to one inch in size or up to more ordinary heights, rendering one very malleable, changing of appearance or into goo / slime, etc)
-Condom play
-Excessively large cumshots. The messier the better!
-Soft vore (No harm done, and Mai always keeps a spell on hand to escape before things get too bad!)
-Alternative vore (Cockvore, unbirthing, tentacles / tailmaws / etcetera etcetera!)
-Unaware / Accidental vore
-"Between a cock and a hard place" sex, wherein Mai is between two larger partners as they have sex. Bonus points if they're somehow unaware of her presence!

Favoured Notes
-Temporary transformations could imply many things. She'd make for a great cumshot as a slimegirl, or could fit unnoticed into all manners of places if shrunk on down to even tinier sizes. Or one could simply increase her size for a good, proper fucking; Whatever tickles the fancy, though she'll never be able to get to anything close to human-sized proportions.
-Foodplay of course means all things food; Pastries, cakes, and donuts preferably! Filling them with cum and eating / selling / giving them away, glazing them with a sticky white cream, pouring chocolate over one's body, the whole works.
-Unaware / Accidental vore could pertain to a number of things, from the wee catter accidentally stumbling into an unaware person's drink, spying on then falling from her perch between two preoccupied lovers, or even the result of a very kinky pastry chef unknowingly shoving a would-be thiefcat into a doughnut as he fills it with his homemade "cream."... Bonus points for the kinkier it is!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling