Asagi Igawa

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***Please see bodywork's and locations

Race: Human
Age: 34  
Weight: Around 130 pounds
Height: 5'5 (167 cm)
Measurements: 90-58-87cm
Skin Color(s): Tan, pale
Hair Color(s): Black, Blue, Teal
Eye Color(s): Green, Red/Black (Sharingan)
Body Type: Curvy, slim, toned, and pierced.
Personality: Provocative, Quiet
Occupations: Anti-Demon Ninja (Taimanin), professor, headmistress.


She was born into one of the strongest Shinobi bloodlines known as the Uchiha. This bloodline possessed a special pair of eyes known as the Sharingan. Each pair of eyes had it's own unique ability and design, however sometimes these would overlap. These abilities were generally far stronger than one an average Shinobi would learn. The populace began to fear them for their power and would result in the clan nearly being wiped out twice. The only known survivor of the first massacre was Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke would go on to become one of the two strongest Shinobis known in  existence. A few thousand years would pass before the bloodline is nearly wiped out again by fearful generals and warlords. Around a hundred or so years before Asagi was born the government of Japan would offer the Uchihas safety, in return for their remarkable talents in assassination. The Uchiha's would accept and change their surnames to Igawa.

Asagi was born on December 17th, 2077 in Tokyo, Japan. She would be trained to be an assassin starting from the young age of 4. By the time she was 7, she had unlocked her Sharingan due to the emotional trauma from death of her mother. By the age of 9 she had mastered the use of Lightning and Fire jutsu, most notably the Chidori and Great Fireball jutsu. By the age of 10, she had mastered 2 more elements in Earth and Water, and by the next year, the element of Wind. Starting at the age of 12, she would tag along with her father on missions, though mostly on scout duty.

At the age of 18, she would unlock her Mangekyo Sharingan from seeing her father die due to her stupidity, which also led her to be surrounded by 2 dozen perverts. Her Mangekyo Sharingan would give her new found powers, allowing her to phase through objects, teleport objects to other dimensions and open up portals, which helped her annihilate the 24 men with ease. She was promptly promoted by her direct superiors to be a captain of her own squad. Her squad would consist of her, her sister Sakura and close friend Murasaki.

By the age of 20, through multiple high profile assassinations and behind the table "deals," she would rise up the ranks to 2nd in command, personal assassin and "bodyguard" for her superiors. This is when a large scale demon invasion began, which led to the formation of the Taimanin with her as the leader, after a ton of "convincing." The Taimanin, under her leadership, would be able to maintain this large scale invasion for a couple of years. Around the age of 25, she would be partaking in "team bonding exercises" with her superiors. By the age of 28, she was on the streets, undercover as a prostitute in highly demon infested areas of Tokyo. She would get groped and molested by the underbelly of Tokyo on a nightly basis and soon grew to enjoy it, even allowing rapes and gangbangs to happen on the spot. At age 29 she would complete her undercover mission after some of her customers mistakenly asked her to be their bosses personal cock sleeve. He was a huge, buff, black man with a cock the size of her arm. After a night of partying, clubbing and sauna's, she would assassinate him just as he was about to unload inside of her.

The invasion would pick up and turn into a full scale war on her 30th birthday. Her superiors threw her a birthday "party," which led to a night of fun and demise. During their celebration, the leader of the Demon Invasion, Edwin Black, attacked. He would kill most of her superiors and enslave most of the Taimanins keeping watch outside. She would have to retreat with, ironically her oldest and only surviving superior. In poor and critical health, she would help "nurse" the old man back to health. The old man would strategically help her and the Taimanins fight back. During the war, she would continuously use her Mangekyo Sharingan to fend of Edwin and his assassins. By the age of 31 she would be going blind from her extensive use of the Sharingan. By 32, she would be considered blind, (un)luckily for her, her sister would die from battle wounds and give her, her Mangekyo Sharingan. The old man would transplant her sisters eyes to her and unlock the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, an eye incapable of going blind no matter the amount of usage. With the EMS, she was virtually unstoppable. At the age of 34, she was able to fully utilize the power of Susanoo thanks to her EMS.

Asagi's body is nothing short of voluptuous. She has a rather slim, but athletic frame that features large juicy breasts (On the plus side of E) and an amazingly large, firm, heart-shaped butt. Her "colleagues," "bosses," students, enemies and men have claimed that she had the best body and technique in the world. Upon her mature face lies a pair of thin, "X" colored, lips. Behind those "X" colored lips, is an incredibly nimble and skilled tongue (coined by her "colleagues," "bosses," students and enemies). And last but not least, a pair of sultry green eyes.

        -Weapons/Powers RP ONLY-

-Katana, daggers, whips.

-Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (Sue me)


--Left Eye - Long range teleportation.

--Right Eye - Phasing/close range teleportation.
 (This is active 90% of the time).

--Both Eyes - Speeds up Left/Right Eye.

-Genjutsu (Mind tricks/paralysis)

^Doesn't need to have Sharingan activated^

-Manipulate the 5 elements
-Walk on water
-Susanoo (Gigantic, humanoid avatar made of chakra that protects and fights on the users behalf)

Aside of Kamui, all other powers are locked or have little effect

She wears extremely thin, tight, and form fitting clothes. As a result, her clothes may become sheer or see through when it rains, highlighting her breasts and nipples even more.

****She does not wear panties.****

   -Lights/sexuality/body works etc-

Her nipples are usually poking through her dresses thin fabric and her pink areola is usually visible.

*Her right nipple and clit are pierced.*

Her nails are usually painted in different colors.
Current Nail Color - Black

Lipstick Color: Red

Her pubic hair is usually shaved but will occasionally sport a certain style.
Current - landing strip

She will also occasionally sport a tan.
Current: none

She always walks with a seductive sway, putting her assets on display.

RED LIGHTS: Just no.
-Shemale (ERP),
-Character/Body modifications,
-Excessive Humiliation/pain,
-animals (dogs/cats, four legged)
and probably some more. Just ask.

-mass tentacles,
-rape/gangrapes (mood dependent),
-Females (FFM only)
-Mind tricks/hypnosis

GREEN LIGHTS: Go for it!
-Males (dominant/assholes)
-Being eyed up
-public gang/group groping,
-lap dances ,
-going to nightclubs ,
-getting picked up/hit on (by a group),  
-skimpy and transparent clothing,
-Oral (receiving and giving)  
-Goblins and their kin
-Big Dicks/BBCs*
-Hairy/Smelly/fat guys
-Massages (Giving and Receiving)
-Bathhouses/Sauna (Helping/being washed)
-height difference
-Class play (Upper vs Lower) (She is upper)
-Teasing people/getting teased
-Stalked (PM First)
-Good lead in to ERP.(Talk and flirt etc.)
-Age play (Young/Old)
-Prefers more than one male at a time

*She can usually be found at
-The Arena - Leaned over the railings
-The beach - suntanning
-The bars - drinking
-The bathhouses - ???
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human