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Name: Jillian
Race: Halfling
Place of birth: Unknown
Sex: Female
Height:  132 cm (4' 4")
Weight: 34 kg (75 lb)
Body type: Ectomorph
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brunette
Cup size: D


In a poor shack, in the suburbs of a nameless city, Jillian's curious eyes sparked from the moment she was born.
Soon abandoned by her parents due to their inability of feeding her and given to the Chapel of the Mind in the hopes of being given a life they couldn't give her, she grew up along with other children of different races.
Her curiousness made her to swallow the knowledge of all the books on the Chapel's library while she grew up, which soon got the interest of the Chapel's archmage, who took her under his wing.
Under his tutelage, she learned about the words of power, the mana flows, the Weave and the ancient art of draconic runes. Few years passed by, and it wasn't enough knowledge for her. She craved for more.
It started with cats, dissapearing from the close vicinity of the Archmage's tower. Dogs followed the trend.
It wasn't long until beggars and children dissapeared as well. Eventually, some people realized, so when the search started, Jillian had already took her leave...


Pedo, birthing, scat, any kind of OOC drama, other females/female-looking shemales in ERP.
Fur, public places
Large partners, brutality, slapping, beating, choking, hair pulling, forced, ryona, messiness, namecalling, objectification, moral degeneration, huge loads of cum.
Roleplay, plots, continuity.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf