Suna Nefzen

More has come to light about the person who has been working to eliminate her bloodline.  It appears the one who is doing this is part of a larger group, one that can be identified by their symbol, a burning sapling, which some of the members seem to have either tattood, or displayed on their armor.

Much to Suna's horror, she has learned that someone from her past is working to end her bloodline, trying to kill her descendants.  She is actively looking out for those who she can sense have her blood.

Like a moth to a flame, Sinfar draws in another woman of goddess level beauty.  Suna has been to Sinfar before, though, it has been many years since she last resided here.  Born a human, Suna has lived her life in service to others, not as a slave, but as a priestess to a goddess of fertility.  She grew up serving the church, blessing those who were unable to conceive on their own, and sometimes assisting in a more personal way when the need arose.  When she reached her early 30's, she was visited by the goddess herself and given the gift of immortality, so that she might continue to serve through the ages.  This was several centuries ago, she has been traveling a long time, and has decided to return home for the time being.

Name: Suna Nefzen
Age: Appears early to mid 30's, (Actual age somewhere around 2200)
Race: Human
Gender: Full Female
Personality: Warm, kind hearted, loving, motherly

Reds: Enslavement, rape, torture, toilet play, death, anal

Greens: Men, herms/shemales, medium-small races, large cocks, breeding, incest, seduction, feeding from her (She has milk), animals
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human