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Examine: A jackal-headed Demigod.

Name: Icthlarin
Race: God; Menaphite Pantheon
Gender: Appears Male
Age: Multiple Millennia
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 455 lbs
Build: Herculean
Fur Colour: Iron
Eye Colour: Ivory


Physical Description:

Preferring scintillating treasures to mundane clothing, this tall figure often adorns his body with glittering gold rather than drab fabric. What clothing he does wear is made of linen with intricate woven designs to accentuate his muscular form.

Notably tall, he may appear that bit larger due to the length of ears perched atop of his head. Canine in appearance, with short, well kept fur covering much of the divine being's body. His eyes are blank and cold, as can his body be to the touch at times.



Originating from the realm of Gielinor, Icthlarin is the Menaphite God of the dead. Being son of Tumeken and Elidinis, as well as brother to Amascut, the Devourer. His domain resides over the Underworld, ferrying souls in his stewardship to the afterlife.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human