Race: Sun elf
Age apperance : Adult
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Light blonde
Eyes: Azure blue
Skin: Tanned ivory white
Build: Hourglass
Ears: Long droopy ears
Bust: Ample tear drop
Adventurer type : Spellsword

The being moves and speaks with elven grace. Her skimpy outfits pronounce her lean curves; pastel colored silky fabric embrace tightly the complexion of her ivory white skin with undertones of rose beige. She constantly carries by her side three burgundy leather drawstring pouches, little vials filled with a glowing blue liquid; and a bunch of rolled up, slightly torn scrolls.

A cascade of well combed blonde hair rests on her back. Sometimes one could see her hair seemingly take a shade of gold when looking at her from the right angle. A loose lock of baby blue frame her cute face. The enchantress' face has a tender bone structure, a small nose with a subtle turned-up tip, thin and pale eyebrows, azure piercing eyes with the irises that carry within them a myriad of strings ranging from deep blue to sky blue and voluptuous pink lips. Those magnificent blue eyes are fairly distanced from the bridge, giving a hint of the load of estrogen that runs up her blood since she was born. The pointed tip of her long and soft elven ears are drooping downward.

Malleable and pillowy breasts are generous in size, keeping their youthful, firm and round shape. Hidden beneath that tied-up shirt, the marvelous and enticing underboob is visible. Her belly is made of soft valleys that gives a hint of the subtle and compact lean muscles, along with the little hole of a cute navel. A wider hip following up, and long, firm pale legs.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human